Beans, The Three-Legged Warrior

three legs, cat, rescue, adopt

Beans had it rough from the start. Birthing complications caused Beans to come into this world with a deformed leg and tail. He was surrendered to the shelter as a newborn and was hand-raised with love. You wouldn't know he only has three legs, as he can keep up with two dogs and a cat in his new family!

three legged cat, adopt don't shop, rescue


Beans' new dad, Anthony, fell in love with him when Beans made an appearance at his work place. Anthony is no stranger to rescuing animals, Beans is the fourth family member that he has adopted from the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA.

Beans, Three legs, Cat, Adopt don't shop, Rescue, SPCA





Anthony is a proud adopter and pet parent. He believes in adoption and rescuing. Proceeds from his "Adopt Don't Shop" shirt help the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA care for more animals in need like Beans. If you'd like to purchase the shirt that Anthony is wearing, you can do so here.